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Ba•li (bälē, balē),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. an island in Indonesia, E of Java. 2,247,000;
    2147 sq. mi. (5561 sq. km). Cap.: Singaraja.
  2. one of a breed of domesticated banteng cattle, Bos banteng domesticus, raised for milk and meat and as a work animal.


cor•nice (kôrnis),USA pronunciation n., v.,  -niced, -nic•ing. 
    • any prominent, continuous, horizontally projecting feature surmounting a wall or other construction, or dividing it horizontally for compositional purposes.
    • the uppermost member of a classical entablature, consisting of a bed molding, a corona, and a cymatium, with rows of dentils, modillions, etc., often placed between the bed molding and the corona.
  1. any of various other ornamental horizontal moldings or bands, as for concealing hooks or rods from which curtains are hung or for supporting picture hooks.
  2. a mass of snow, ice, etc., projecting over a mountain ridge.

  1. to furnish or finish with a cornice.

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How To Choose Curtains And Drapes For Your Home
How To Choose Curtains And Drapes For Your Home
The Bali Cornice may be the place that's used whilst the many revered and significant the main home since it is actually a haven where the gentlemen, naturally you and your partner stay. Because of the importance of this location, it deserves good care while maintaining the very best and effectively -designed elements of the house. And surprising your spouse is one of many greatest strategies to start modifying your master suite design.

You can find enough tips for your master suite layout that one may choose from and may be confusing which form to select. Habits and styles like while in different homes' inside, your suite justifies the most effective style and design.

You are able to pick furniture that the master suite will be installed in by you but make sure everything will not make the feel of packed inside it and is important. Be sure you select which will blend in effectively with all the paint colors picked about the surfaces and ceilings, because you will organize the hues.

This is the element that ends the touch while in the room. Curtain your screen with an other or layer sort of window care application in this technique that you close and can open it anytime, it'll provide you with the privacy you will need, without sacrificing the cosmetic aspect, and all.

Some quality design that'll allow you to should be used by you along with relax and your companion utilizes the bedroom whilst the best spot to renew at the conclusion of the afternoon. Peaceful designs, regular yet unique, unusual graphics, and also the toned traits of the master suite design allow it to be where for-you both.

As well as furniture, tiny such things as arrangements, keepsakes, lights, as well as other knick knacks should be chosen properly. They certainly will not create turmoil and must operate nicely using the Bali Cornice's whole style.

Walls and threshold must be painted with shades that must be jive with everything in the bedroom. Contemplate what type of feelings might are available for you along with your partner and in color. You are able to pick coloring that may incorporate the feel of luxury and crisis from the master bedroom, and live, relax, basic.

Screen maintenance programs exist in extensive versions at home improvement retailers, in order to select the right which is praised using the whole environment of the Bali Cornice.

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